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Murray small (Credit: Denis Morissette)1276 views
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Jack Beers, Walt Sisco1983 views
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LARGE Moorman Drumscan ( Credit: Josiah Thompson ) Craig Lamson Version2212 viewsJosiah Thompson (The history behind the Drumscan)

'll try to explain. In the spring of 1967, I was done with my LIFE assignment and was putting together all the details that went into Six Seconds. Mary Moorman's photograph was extremely important since it showed the knoll at Z 315. I had done some research with AP and Wide World in New York concerning the negatives and prints of the photo that they had. But the original Polaroid was sitting in Dallas. I paid Mary Moorman for the use of her photo in Six Second. Part of the deal was that she would let a professional photographer come to her house and copy the Polaroid. I hired a professional photographer to do this. He went to her home and copied the Polaroid using a medium format camera where the negative itself is about the size of Moorman's Polaroid. It was that negative from forty-five years ago that I had scanned in San Francisco. The drum scan resulting may turn out to be the highest resolution copy of the Moorman photo extant since the Polaroid itself has deteriorated further with each passing decade.

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24/11/63718 views
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ZMN2_frame_0043.jpg730 views
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Bond Composite ( Street light pole alighnement from bond camera position ) ( Credit: R. Unger )1524 views
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D-274.jpg581 views
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Photographer: Jim Walker Credit 6th floor museum585 viewsBlack and white photograph of the Texas School Book Depository taken hours after the assassination. The photographer stood on the south side of Dealey Plaza, looking north. According to the clock on the Hertz sign on top of the building, this picture was taken at 2:57 p.m. The photographer used a blue-ink pen to indicate the southeast corner window on the sixth floor.

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Dallas Times Herald.685 viewsOriginal black and white photographic negative taken by Dallas Times Herald and United Press International newspaper photographer Darryl Heikes showing the presidential motorcade turning from Harwood Street onto Main Street in downtown Dallas. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, assigned to Jacqueline Kennedy, occasionally rode on the rear bumper of the president's car, as seen in this image, when the crowds grew heavy
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crack in windshield2388 views
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